Tips and Tricks to Combat Ailments

Natural Remedies - The Way To Go

As a society we have become complacent with our healthcare. We rely on the food industry to keep us healthy (Check out  "Going GMO-Free, Easily" to see where that will get you) and the medical industry to fix us when we get sick. The irony is that the food industry is making us sick, and the medical industry is turning us into addicts.

Does that statement sound ridiculous or does it strike a chord with you ?

Think about it - have you ever visited a doctor, and left without a prescription ?

Perhaps you needed the medication to recover, but did you really need All That medication you were prescribed ? What did it cost you in total ?
I know of people whose kids are on daily medication for supposed ailments, yet the cause of those ailments is most likely the fast food, sodas and sweets that we feed them.
We all know that doctors are incentivised by pharmaceutical reps to prescribe (sell) their products. So why do we blindly administer meds to our kids and ourselves, thinking that it's the best or only course of action ?

I am not saying ignore your health practitioner's advice, but I am saying question it, and do your own research.

Sickness - Suppression or Cure ?

 Sickness is usually addressed in two ways: 1) Suppression, and 2) Cure
Suppression is where you tend to the side effects of the ailment to get relief, but do not address the root cause of the ailment. The root cause is left unknown.
Cure is where you look for the ultimate root cause of the ailment and address that directly. You may also address the side-effects to get relief.
The human body has 3 phases of response to ailments: Alarm, Adaptation and Exhaustion

3 Phases of Body Response


Think of an onion and all the many layers that make up an onion.
Now imagine your body is like that onion, consisting of 3 such layers, and when you get sick, that sickness exists in the outermost layer of you - this is the Alarm phase.
You get sick, your body throws out symptoms, those symptoms directly relate to the cause of your sickness.


Now imagine that over the course of your life, each time you get sick you follow the Suppression route, ie. You get relief from your symptoms by taking meds specific for those symptoms. The root cause of your ailments is left undetected. Your body now goes into Adaption mode. The ailment moves from the outer layer and is driven into the middle layer. Now the symptoms that your body throws is no longer a direct reflection of the root cause.


Then as you get much older, with an extended period of regular suppression, your body goes into Exhaustion mode.
Now when you get sick, the symptoms bear no reflection at all to the actual root cause. In fact, people in Exhaustion mode rarely ever get sick, because their bodies have become so adapted to the root cause being ignored, that it doesn't bother anymore with throwing out Alarm symptoms.
This is where you find people suffering from dreaded diseases such as Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attacks etc. Your body has grown so used to it's warnings being suppressed, that it drives the ailment deep into the innermost layer of you, and now it is not so easy to eradicate.

Body Response During Alarm, Adaptation and Exhaustion

Let's take an example. You do not drink enough water in the day. First and obvious symptom of dehydration is a headache. So layer 1 of the onion is your body is in Alarm phase. It throws the symptom of headache to warn you to that you are dehydrated and should drink more water.
You ignore this warning and take pain meds. Instant relief.
After some time of periodic headaches and pain meds, your headaches eventually go away. You think all is well.
Next you may find yourself bloating up and becoming obese. This is layer 2 of the onion, your body is in Adaptation phase. It has now adapted to the headache being ignored, and is now throwing out warning symptoms that do not directly indicate the root cause of the ailment. You are still suffering from dehydration but this has now taken the form of obesity.
You go on a diet plan but still do not drink enough water.
Eventually you may find yourself diabetic, or having high blood pressure, or even worse, Cancer. These are all side-effects of chronic dehydration. Your body is now in the innermost layer and is in Exhaustion phase. It has given up throwing symptoms directly or loosely related to the root cause and is now exhausted - it no longer throws out warning symptoms. The ailment has been driven deep into the body beyond repair.
This is where people find they suddenly have fallen in the grips of a dreaded disease. However in truth it was not really a sudden occurrence. It is the body's warning symptoms being ignored over a prolonged period such that a simple ailment has turned into a dreaded disease over time.
This example is just cited to create an awareness that us getting sick is the body's way of warning us. If we suppress those warning bells with meds, then we miss out on finding the root cause. That root cause does not disappear - it is simply driven deeper into the body.
The moral of the story: Sickness is good, it is the body's way of alerting us that there is a problem !

The Cure

Next is how to fix that problem rather than suppress it.
Obviously we want to do this in a way that does not cause other side-effects as a result. Medication all have side effects - read the leaflet with the tiny writing that comes with it, it's scary! Hence it should be used as a last resort - allow the body to heal with natural home-remedies first and give your body the boost to fight back itself, thereby building your immunity as a result.
You will be surprised to know that physical ailments are generally caused by a single root problem - acidity. Address that and you will feel like a miracle has occurred!
My kids haven't been to a doctor since 2012, and this is not because they do not get sick. They absolutely do, and I have discovered a few simple, cheap ways to help their bodies fight off infections and general ailments, and recover themselves.
I have already shared some of these tricks on my blog, and will be sharing even more. 
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