Going GMO-Free, Easily

My Journey to GMO-Free Living

It all began with a Facebook post in 2013 (Dr Thiery Vrain - The GeneRevolution, The Future of Agriculture), and a routine shopping trip at Checkers (What is TBHQ and why is it on everything in my trolley ?)If you do some research, you will find tons of information citing the pros and cons of GMOs.
Bottom line is that none of the pros are actually validated, and the repercussions of the cons are severe enough to best err on the side of caution.
Hubby and I were horrified to learn that actual ingredients in our typical food items were things like:
  • TBHQ (butane or lighter fluid, used as a preservative where there is oil content, to prevent it turning rancid, such as dried fruit and nuts),
  • human hair (used as a dough conditioner in breads and dough),
  • sawdust (generally labelled as cellulose, used to boost fibre content in food, as an anti-caking agent in flours and spices, an emulsifier to make creamier sauces and dips),
  • Plastic (azodicarbonamide, a chemical used to manufacture yoga mats and rubber products, also used as a bleaching agent and dough conditioner in breads)
  • beaver's anal gland secretions (cheaper source of strawberry flavouring, derived by skimming under the tail of a beaver)
  • Aluminium (used in baking powder, acts as an acid that reacts to the soda and releases the gas required in baking)
  • Lead (used in food coloring)
These are just some of the many, many, many ridiculous non-food items that exist in everyday foods that we eat.
Health authorities say that they are permissible in minute quantities hence they are approved by Health Boards. However if all of the food we eat in a day contain these ingredients, then suddenly we are no longer consuming them in the permissible dosage are we ?
How can one calculate exactly how much we really are consuming, and what the effect of that is ?
Furthermore, are we really happy knowing that there's plastic in our grated cheese, hair in our bread, sawdust in our cereal, and beaver's anal secretions in our strawberry and vanilla milkshake ?
It's easy to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when you as an adult uncover this truth. The convenience and  variety of modern day pre-packed foods allows us to live better after all, doesn't it. Honestly nobody has the time to do it from scratch.
However when you have little kids and you realize that they are born into this madness, then it's a horrifying thought when you consider their longevity and propensity to sickness and disease.
For this reason I took it upon myself to make the time and find out where I can buy real food instead. It was a slow and painful journey as I literally replaced all the food items I used to buy with organic or natural brand names instead.
Now hubby and I have a completely new way of shopping, and I will tell you all about how to do it in blog posts to come.
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