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It's All About Energy

Our bodies are designed to heal. They heal continuously without effort.

In an ideal world we would enjoy 100% health 100% of the time. Unfortunately due to the multitude of stressors we are exposed to daily, from the moment we are born, we find that our bodies eventually run out of steam.

We are left feeling exhausted, irritable, overwhelmed, and unable to cope. Suddenly we find ourselves experiencing illnesses we may never have encountered before; our immune system takes a beating. Life as a whole seems devoid of genuine laughter, fun and excitement. We snap at the ones we love most, spend all our energy trying to cope, and end up feeling guilty and miserable.

Hopefully you're lucky and you haven't reached this point. Either way, we all need to replenish our vitality regularly, preferably before it runs out! Exercise, sport, yoga, meditation etc. are wonderful ways of achieving this, however not everybody has the ability to make it a part of their lifestyle. Eventually one's energy gets stuck, and this reflects in one's health, state of mind, and outlook on life as a whole.

Our bodies are electrical systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) talks of meridians and chi. Ancient Eastern cultures talk of chakras and kundalini. Western society talks of bioelectric fields. These are all various ways of addressing the inner energy that flows throughout every fibre of one's being.

Over time these energies get stuck for various reasons, and they can even become completely blocked, resulting in chronic illnesses. There are more names to sickness and diseases than one would care to know. At the end of the day, all health issues relate back to the energy system of the body, and it's level of stagnation or blockage.

We need not peg a name to the illness. We concern ourselves only with the identification of, and balancing out of all the energy pathways. By thus addressing the root cause of all issues, we iron out symptoms of those issues.

Energy - How?

Blocked or stagnant energies can show themselves from the outermost forms (recurring sore throat) to the innermost, subtlest of forms (inability to speak one's feelings).

From back aches, headaches, organ degeneration, cellular vitality, toxins, brain function, mental disorders, emotional issues, weak willpower, negative thought patterns, achievement of goals, spiritual disposition - these, and more, are all impacted by the flow of energy within.

What affects this energy, you ask ? Simple! It's starts with the foods you eat, the chemicals and toxins in your regular use items, the stresses you deal with on a daily basis, the medications you rely on, your habits, sleeping patterns, really all of your lifestyle is direct influence on your inner energy. In order to address low and stagnant energies, one needs to take a holistic approach in order to tackle the issue from all sides.

SCIO Biofeedback and 3LT Cold Laser Therapy are 2 alternative energy protocols that I offer as a service. They have been an indispensable part of my family's health regime over the years, ensuring we stay out of the doctor's rooms!

In addition I blog about practical tips and tricks to make living healthy as easy as possible. Subscribe to myblog or follow me on Facebook and join me in my quest to promote an organic, green and natural lifestyle :-)

Over the years, friends and colleagues have been asking me to recommend products that they can use on their kids, themselves, or to buy in general, where they can get items from and what products are best. And so I eventually decided to host my own eCommerce store where you can buy products that I personally recommend from my own great experiences with them.

There is an expansive market of on-line options out there, and mine really caters for the local and niche markets. Stay tuned as I blog about recommended sites you can visit to cater for all your organic and natural requirements.

In these ways I provide easy lifestyle hacks, that are non-invasive, non-medicated, whole-body encompassing and suitable for people of all ages.

When you restore your body's energy flow, you restore your health and vitality!