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From Me to You - Varsha@HealthAndVitalityRestored

I would not be selling any of these products if I did not have a direct experience with them that transformed me from consumer to supplier.  My stories span over 8 years worth of life situations, which eventually brought me to launching my own online store to make them as affordable as possible. There are tons of reviews submitted for the Silver Genesis range of products, which can be found under the Reviews tab on any of the Silver Genesis product links. I would like to relate my experiences with the Super Hydrogel in particular.

Silver Genesis Colloidal Silver Gel

My son has an awful inflammatory reaction to mosquito bites, and nothing on the market short of antibiotics was helping. When he was 2, he ended getting horrendously bitten one night, and a few days later the creche he was at put plasters over them because they had begun to weep. Taking out the plasters left him with scars for the next 7 years, and I felt I just had to find something safe to help. My husband was advised at a health store to try a colloidal silver gel, and he bought the Silver Genesis brand. That was a turning point for us as it was nothing short of a miracle! We've tried other brands of colloidal silver since then, due to not being able to find the Silver Genesis range, but none of them have been as effective as the Silver Genesis brand. It's now a parrot phrase in our home - if anyone mentions 'Mosquito bite', we all go 'Put gel on it'!

Skin conditions aside, the real deal winner for me was when my younger son was almost a year old. We were at the beach when a blue bottle wrapped its tail around the entire length of my son's leg. I pulled it off him and we both got badly stung in the process. Always with a small bottle of gel in my bag, I ran to fetch it and lathered gel all over my son's leg. I felt instant relief as I was smearing it on him, and he immediately stopped crying from the pain. Ever since then, I never leave home without it, especially when going to the beach!

And talking about the beach, sunburns so bad it feels like your skin's been sandpapered off - gel to the rescue again. I suffered for a few days with burning skin, and then decided to try the gel. By the next day my skin felt almost normal again - lesson learnt for the next time I ever get reckless at the beach!