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Fermented Foods

How to Make Milk Kefir

Share, Follow, LikeIt strengthens and balances your digestive system, boosts your immune system, soothes the nervous system, and provides a range of enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make this nutritional powerhouse that promotes overall health and well-being! Here’s how to go about it for a creamier, thicker, tastier kefir. Share, Follow, […]

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Easy technique to check for intestinal worms

Share, Follow, LikeIt’s a sensitive topic, however most of us are unaware that much of our health issues may be related to intestinal worms. Depending on the type of worm infestation, symptoms may include bad breath, stomach pains or tenderness, gas or bloating, dark circles under the eyes, anaemia, weight loss, craving for sweet things, […]

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Balancing Ph Natural Treatments

Super effective cough syrup in 3 minutes!

Share, Follow, LikeThere’s nothing worse than staying up all night holding a feverish child in front of the toilet, hoping for all the phlegm and gunk to finally end. My son has an intolerance to refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and whatever else is in those yummy donuts that we all can’t resist! Thus I’ve had […]

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Chillax, it’s the weekend!

Share, Follow, LikeRemember to take some time out and do nothing 🙂 Share, Follow, Like

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Balancing Ph

The DIY wonder drink that kids love – Kombucha!

Share, Follow, LikeWhen we learn about the harmful ingredients in Colas, most fruit juices and ice teas, it’s easy to lose heart and feel that it’s impossible to beat the system. I used to buy bulk cases of Ceres and Liqui-fruit juices, Milo, and even ice teas for my kids, until I read more on […]

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Balancing Ph

Easy steps to make your own Kombucha

Share, Follow, LikeFor me the ultimate benefit of drinking Kombucha is the health it promotes in the digestive system, which in turn affects our mental, physical and emotional health, hence our overall health and vitality. Why is it so important to nourish our gut bacteria ? The digestive system is the core of our immune […]

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Balancing Ph Bicarbonate of Soda Natural Treatments

Bicarbonate of Soda: the cure-all to everything for the whole family

Share, Follow, LikeEver had that sinking feeling that you were coming down with something, and you just couldn’t afford to be sick? Even worse, you’re child is the one under the weather and you really have nobody to take care of your little one while you’re at work ? A chaotic trip to the doctor, […]

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They’ve all got something to say – Shake it off and be yourself anyway

Share, Follow, LikeSo there you are minding your own business, doing your thing, when along comes some nasty comment, or unsavory dig at you. Maybe you get all volcanic, and you erupt – It feels great! Maybe you don’t – but then it festers because it really does bother you. So now what ? One […]

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Everyone needs a joyride now and then!

Share, Follow, LikeThe fun is in the journey, that’s where the magic happens! So remember to stop and smell the roses while you’re dashing around, doing all the things you need to get done. Share, Follow, Like

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So What’s This All About – My Story

Welcome and Introduction to my Blog!

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