What It's All About

What began initially as a simple desire to help others, has grown into a passion for empowering people to take back control of their health.
We have become a global society of expecting our healthcare provider to patch us up and send us back out into the world again. This does not need to be the case once we gain adequate knowledge to maintain our own wellness.
My mission has evolved over the years to not only help people, but to give people the ability to help themselves - Knowledge is Power.

Who Am I ?

I am just another average person - an employee, a mother, a wife, a consumer.

I am a full-time IT Developer/Consultant in the corporate space, and a Natural/Alternative Holistic Therapist to my husband and kids after hours. My techniques include SCIO Biofeedback Acupressure/Reflexology, 3LT Laser Acupuncture and Emotional Freedom Technique, all supplemented with my knowledge of Applied Kinesiology and natural health options. Biofeedback and Cold Laser Therapy are protocols I have learnt that greatly help with the more severe ailments. 

These technologies form part of the new age of modern healthcare. They offer a person a prescription-free, holistic approach to restoring their balance and health. Furthermore, unlike conventional methods, these protocols target the root cause of the ailment and not just the symptom of it. When you address the root cause, the symptoms go away and you are free to move on with the business of living.

I began this website and blog in 2014, to share tips and tricks I have learnt from my own experience with myself and my family, in the hope that others will also benefit from my findings. I get an idea, follow up on it, and learn something new. My goal is to share my knowledge, facilitate good health and enrich people's lives in the process.

My services eventually evolved to include an online shopping facility, showcasing only products that I have had spectacular results from personal experience. If I have not used it, or believe in it, then it's not in my product offering. Of course we all have differing tastes, but these are fairly generic items that are suitable for the masses.

Organic and Green - Good For The Environment, Good For You!

Not all that long ago food was organic and cosmetics were natural. These days you have to look far and wide, and pay a pretty price to get this. I'm all for modernisation, but when it comes to what goes on and in my body, then I'm a Bull Terrier with an eye on my wallet.
I'm a firm believer of where there's a will, there's a way. And so over the years I've discovered economical ways to steer clear of the nasties in our food and daily products, without breaking the bank.
From where and how to shop, what to avoid, how to make it yourself, alternatives you can rely on, must-have items and just tips and tricks in general,subscribe to my blog or facebook page, and get the low-down on all of these as I post my trade secrets.

This is where you can go to see all the simple, seriously cost-effective ways that I’ve been using to keep my kids healthy, hubby away from hospital (he loves chillies a bit too much), and myself juggling my career, my family, and my wildly-increasing passions.

I am a crappy cook by my own standards (don’t you just love perfectionists), but I learn and grow every day, and am sharing what works for me and my family with you, in the hope that you too, in whatever stage of your life or circumstance you are in, can benefit in some way from this.

If it's good enough for the environment, then it's good enough for you - as simple as that.

My  Story

I am continually looking for cost-effective ways that facilitate a healthful lifestyle, wholesome as possible, conducive to growing well balanced, all rounded kids and improving our own health as adults. My corporate full-time job takes up most of my time, but through it I’ve managed to incorporate simple, effective tricks that has kept us out of the doctors’ rooms since 2011.

Previously I had put my faith in the medical and pharmaceutical systems until I ended up with ailments I had never had before, and battled for years to overcome. The illusion was shattered when I realized that my baby and toddler combined had been on more antibiotics than myself.  
I had blindly trusted the food industry and spent thousands of Rands every month on groceries I thought were ‘healthy’.  
I had assumed the Baby Industry with all their foods, cosmetics and baby-care products were safe for my babies – why wouldn’t baby products be safe for babies ??  

I went into debt buying ‘nutritious’ foods and ‘safe’ items for my kids for years, thinking that this was the best I could do as a mum.
What started off as a gradual decline of faith over the years, ended up in a catastrophic, instantaneous divorce from all these sectors when I finally learnt about GMOs and their links to the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries!

It's About Lifestyle - Holistic, Economical, Practical

My eyes were now fully opened and I took matters into my own hands and have not looked back since! My aim is for each person to take charge of their own health and life, in whatever capacity they can, as cost-effectively as possible.

Knowledge is Power, and Sharing is Caring, so here is me walking the talk and showing you how!